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Developed by fishermen for fishermen.
A friend and I were fishing several years ago in British Columbia . On one of our trips we were trolling wet flies off the back of our canoes, one of those heavy Canadian silver bows took my fly, my line and my rod right off the end of the canoe. The rod was so well tucked in over the seat and under my leg I would never have believed a fish could jerk it out of there. It happened so fast I could only sit there in amazement. Neither the fish or the rod were seen again.
My buddy of course just kept on fishing, hooting and hollering every time he got one, holding them up for me to see and bragged on and on and on….The Rod Leash was born. It is designed to attach to the rod with a quick wipe of a Velcro type fastener. It comes back off just as quickly. The tether is 1/4″ elastic shock cord six feet long, enough to suit most applications. It is just stiff enough to stay out of the way while fishing and strong enough to hold a lost rod. I often take it off of the rod I am actively fishing and apply it to the unused back up rod. The materials in the Rod Leash are intended for use in all of the harsh conditions of the fishing environment. They will last for years if given any care at all. I have one in an aluminum skiff I use as a duck boat. It stays in the boat year around. I use it to secure my shot gun when the boat is used as a duck blind. It is as good as new after several years in the bottom of the boat.
Kayakers have discovered the Rod Leashes and have been using them as paddle leashes. They work well for that application too, but those guys go into waters where one really doesn’t want to take any chance of loosing a paddle. They are also catching heavier fish than the Rod Leash was intended to handle. I started to receive requests for a heavier Leash. We developed the Paddle Leash. It is exactly the same time-tested design as the Rod Leash but fabricated of much heavier materials. I hope they serve you well.
The Rod Leashes have been available for several years now. We are starting to get some great stories back from the field.
I fish for brim and bass out of a kayak on the beautiful, spring fed Magnolia River . If you fumble finger a rod in a kayak it goes immediately to the bottom. I wouldn’t go out without my Rod Leash. I bought three Rod Leashes just in case. It is simply the best device available to protect my fishing equipment from accidental loss.

George Foster
Mobile , Alabama


I saw the product review in Fly Fish America Magazine. Their review was very positive. I bought the Rod Leash to prevent the expensive losses I have experienced in the past. They are simply the best and cheapest insurance you can buy.

Alan Hasselwander
Honeoye Falls , New York


I bought a rod leash in June 2002 to use on my pontoon boat. The first trip we made after I received the Rod Leash was with my float tube to Mary Lake in central Washington . I applied the Rod Leash mostly because I had it with me. Sure enough, the first time I bumped my rod it went off the boat and sank out of sight. My heart sank with it, for an instant I had forgotten the Rod Leash. The Rod Leash saved a seven hundred dollar rod and reel. It was the best ten bucks I could have invested. I have purchased several more Rod Leashes since so I always have them available for whatever equipment I am using. The Rod Leash is a great investment.

Ken Foxe
Ellensburg , Washington